Galgos Club

3,000 unique pixel art NFTs

Galgos Club NFT is a collection of 3,000 unique galgos dogs running and playing on the BNB Smart Chain. Longing to be adopted by an owner, each Galgo is randomly-generated from more than 300 eye-catching—and always unique—traits. The collection also features 30+ custom hand-crafted NFTs. A portion of funds from this collection will go to supporting real galgos through real-world partnerships. Unfortunately, galgos are one of the most abused dog breeds in the world and are in need of assistance, that’s where we come in.

Mintyour Galgo

Mint one of the 3,000 randomly-generated, unique pixel art NFTs running across BNB Smart Chain.



Below is our detailed roadmap, featuring our mission and step by step goals and values. We will also be adding additional goals based on community feedback and available marketing and development funds.

Stage One -

0 - 1,000 minted

- Release website and social media with strategic marketing
- Create strategic partnerships with blockchain-native projects and real-world organizations
- Community giveaways
- 3 BNB raffle for holders
- 1 Custom Galgo raffle for holders
- First donation to charity
- Community vault creation

Stage Two -

1,000 - 2,000 minted

- Second donation to charity
- 4 BNB raffle for holders
- 1 custom Galgo raffle for holders
- More community funds to our vault

Stage Three -

2,000 - 3,000 minted

- Last donation to charity
- 5 BNB raffle for holders
- 1 custom Galgo raffle for holders
- More community funds to our vault
- Minting out party with some giveaways

Further Development -

Mint out

- Flappy Galgos: Funny game to play with your galgo
- Treasury wallet
- Reflection from secondary sales
- Staking to earn rewards
- More ideas may be added in the future

HelpingReal Galgos

Galgos Club is so much more than a unique pixel art collection. When you adopt a Galgos NFT, you will not only get a unique, exciting piece of digital art, but you will be helping real galgos in-need.

Below you can track the progress of our donations so far to real-world organizations working to rescue galgos:


Who arewe?

One Team, the Dream Team

We are a team of developers, designers, and animal lovers. Our aim is to make a positive impact in society by helping galgos, a breed of dog that is a core part of the culture of our country of Spain. We want to give Galgos Club holders an exclusive opportunity to become part of an #NFTCommunity like none-other. We believe that, together, we can inspire others to create and join meaningful, genuine projects, while making a lasting difference on and off the blockchain.

Joan G.


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